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Double-sided Letterpress

Even in today’s digital economy, business cards still have a role to play. In Japan for example it is custom to exchange business cards, called meishi ( 名刺) upon meeting a new business partner. Many of the business cards I’m handed are printed on poor quality paper and the design seems to have been an afterthought. Without sounding like Patrick Bateman out of American Psycho, I decided that it was important to have a superior letterpress card…

Phil Abel of Hand and Eye Letterpress

I collected the new business cards and headed letter paper from Hand and Eye Letterpress in London. I decided to go with Hand and Eye Letterpress after I visited the press and was given a range of samples by the owner Phil Abel. I had previously looked at samples from Eddens Letterpress in New York, EM Letterpress in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon. The samples from all three were fantastic and the Dollor pound exchange rate at the time would have made the price very attractive. However I decided that it would be easier and perhaps more responsible to sourse the stationery within the UK.

Sample Letterpress Cards

After looking at a wide range of paper stock from different companies, I decided to go with ZEN (Pure White) by G.F. Smith in 350gsm for the business cards and 120gsm for the headed letter paper. I chose two Pantone solids for the colours.

Zen (Pure White) 350gsm

Hand and Eye Letterpress

6 Pinchin Street 

London E1 1SA

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